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Hospital Pharmacy

Farmàcia hospitalàriaa Vall d'Hebron

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is accredited to train three residents per year in the Hospital Pharmacy Teaching Unit. The Teaching Unit operates in parallel with the Pharmacy Department.


Hospital Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical specialisation that takes care of the population’s pharmaceutical needs through selecting, preparing, acquiring, controlling and dispensing medication; providing information on medications; and other activities aimed at ensuring the correct, safe and cost-effective use of medication and healthcare products for the benefit of patients in the hospital environment and its sphere of influence.


Accredited places: 3


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Why specialise at Vall d’Hebron?

  • Because you will learn criteria and methods to appropriately select medications in the hospital setting, taking into account their effectiveness, safety, quality and cost.
  • Because you will gain knowledge to manage acquisition and to establish guidelines for the storage and expiration periods of medication selected, with the aim of covering the needs of the hospital and evaluating the acquisition of healthcare materials. You will see how to set up a dispensing, distribution and usage system for medication, to make it safer and more effective in line with the attributes of the particular hospital.
  • Because you will take part in clinical activities in collaboration with the rest of the care team to ensure that every patient receives the appropriate pharmacological treatment, and will establish lines of communication between pharmacist and patient.
  • Because you will participate in Artificial nutrition, Clinical pharmacokinetic and Drug safety programmes.
  • Because you will be able to access research and clinical trials on information and use of medications, pharmaceutical technology, clinical pharmacokinetics, artificial nutrition, drug safety, and all areas that contribute to the rational use of medication in general.
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