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Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital

Extensive experience in trauma and severe burns


The Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital responds to all pathologies in the musculoskeletal system and processes that lead to disability, especially highly complex processes, such as spinal cord injury and severe burns.

Hospital de Traumatologia, Rehabilitació i Cremats a Vall d'Hebron


Comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment


The aim of the Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital is to achieve the highest level of independence, functional capacity and quality of life for patients. To achieve this, the medical centre offers specialised surgical and rehabilitation care. In addition, our medical team is made up of specialists in orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, neurosurgery, anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, as well as nursing teams and healthcare technicians specialised in caring for these patients.

In the Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital complex processes such as spinal cord injuries, multiple traumas, craniocephalic trauma or spina bifida are treated with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. The work carried out in this field of knowledge puts the hospital at the top of spinal cord injury and trauma in Catalonia.


A specialised severe burns unit


The Vall d’Hebron Burns Unit has extensive experience in treating severe burns. It also supports the care of burns patients in other centres. The telemedicine project particularly stands out in this area, assessing and monitoring burns patients remotely. The Hospital’s daily work in the care and treatment of severe burns has made them a CSUR (Centres, Services and Units of Reference) in Spain and Andorra.

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Sr. Antonio
González González
Dr. Juan Pedro
Barret Nerín
Head of Department
Plastic Surgery and Burns
Dr. Joan
Minguell Monyart
Head of Department
Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
Reconstructive Surgery of the Musculoskeletal System
Dr. Marcelino
Baguena Martínez
Head of Department
Traumatology Intensive Care
Dra. Judith
Sanchez Raya
Head of Department
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sra. Silvia
Bosch Raventos
Nursing Supervisor
Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
Sra. Eva
Cobos Marcos
Nursing Supervisor
Nursing Management
Sra. Laura
Yague Velasco
Nursing Supervisor
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dra. Rosa
Domínguez Oronoz
Head of Unit
Radiodiagnosis (IDI)
Dr. Enric
Castellet Feliu
Head of Section
Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
Dra. Dimelza
Osorio Sánchez
Person in charge/Coordinator
Healthcare Management
Sr. Victor
Quintanilla Janillo
Nursing Supervisor
Traumatology Intensive Care
Dr. Jordi
Serracanta Domenech
Person in charge/Coordinator
Plastic Surgery and Burns
Lead Researcher
General Surgery

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