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By increasing donations, 
we increase transplants

Blood, organ and tissue donations are essential to make sure patients in desperate need of a transplant or tissue get them. A donation is an act of solidarity and altruism that can save lives. Find out all the ways you can make a donation.

Donate blood

Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is one of the permanent Barcelona Blood and Tissue Bank centres where you can donate blood, plasma, platelets and bone marrow. Help us improve the lives of others with an act of altruism. We make sure you are safe at all times.
Blood and Tissue Bank

Donate organs and tissue

Thanks to the solidarity of organ and tissue donors, we can improve or even save the lives of people waiting for an organ or tissue.
Catalan Transplant Organisation (OCATT)

breast Milk

At the Blood and Tissue Bank located on the Vall d'Hebron campus you will also find a breast milk bank where you can donate if you have recently become a mother and are breastfeeding. By donating breast milk, you can help premature and underweight babies who cannot be breastfed by their own mothers. .
Breast Milk Bank

Advance healthcare directives

An advanced directive is a form with instructions related to your healthcare to be taken into account when the time comes. On this form, you can specify that you want to donate organs to help others.
Advance healthcare directive registry

Become a blood, organ and tissue donor  

Become a blood, tissue and organ donor
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