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Medicine is advancing towards a patient-centred model in which diagnosis and treatment is increasingly personalised. It is necessary to work in a multidisciplinary fashion and to bring together knowledge from different areas to find personalised solutions for every patient. Professionalism, commitment and research by professionals on the Campus are the key elements to confront this new challenge and offer patients excellent care.


Over 1.2 million patients are seen at Vall d'Hebron every year. Our centres carry out over 32,000 surgical procedures per year and close to 250 transplants. Over 7,000 staff come into contact with patients and are committed to quality healthcare. All healthcare specialisations are involved in this work as well as the clinical services and support departments, the teaching centres, the research centres and the laboratories. The patient is at the centre of it all and is what drives our system. This healthcare model has allowed us to take part in initiatives from the Department for Health and the Catalan Health Institute, which have brought us great national and international recognition.
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Professionals de Vall d'Hebron fent assistència
Pacient de Vall d'Hebron fent exercicis de rehabilitació


Rehabilitation is a cross-cutting area that involves a large number of healthcare and surgical departments. This multidisciplinary cooperation, which finds a suitable ecosystem at Vall d'Hebron, is key to treating highly complex processes such as spinal injuries, acquired brain injury, spina bifida and burns; areas in which we are a leading centre thanks to the milestones achieved.

The rehabilitation department aims to help patients achieve the maximum level of independence, functional ability and quality of life, according to the diagnosis and degree of disability. Correcting or minimising conditions is possible with continuous care monitoring, integrated treatment and the use of therapeutic techniques.

Support for diagnosis and treatment

The clinical laboratories are an essential element when it comes to patient care. A The analysis of samples as well as the results constitutes a fundamental tool in the formulation of a diagnosis. The Clinical Laboratories currently work on 70% of the clinical diagnoses carried out, and generate 80% of the information that is key to our work in healthcare.

The Campus has the largest hospital clinical laboratory in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. Its location at Vall d'Hebron responds perfectly to the healthcare potential of the Campus. The Clinical Laboratories at Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus are a centre of innovation, with a desire to improve and an ability to process a high number of samples quickly and efficiently thanks to its automated processes. These are an essential tool for healthcare and the Campus.
Professional de Vall d'Hebron treballant al laboratori

We research to improve
the medicine of tomorrow

At Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus we are committed to research as a tool to provide solutions to the daily challenges we face in healthcare medicine. Our healthcare work allows us to see problems first-hand and to work to find solutions for them.
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