We treat the health of today i and build the health of tomorrow
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Healthcare, research and training:
a complete vision for health 

The Campus is the combination of three prestigious hospitals and three pioneering research centres, committed to training the best professionals. We treat, research and train. The potential of this integrated work allows us to innovate for the medicine of the future.

Patient care

We offer the highest level of healthcare in almost every medical and surgical specialisation. It should be noted that Vall d’Hebron is the only centre in Catalonia, and one of just a few nationwide, that has nine out of the ten transplant programmes for adults and children currently in existence.
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Ongoing contact with the patient inspires us to drive forward biomedical research and innovation in medical diagnosis and treatment. The best examples of this relationship between research and medical care are the 900 clinical trials currently active.
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We are committed to knowledge and its dissemination. We have a wide range of training available to support you at all stages. Over 750 students carry out internships at the Hospital each year, we have over 600 stable residents and receive professionals from over 28 countries.
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In a global interconnected context, Vall d’Hebron works together with professionals around the world. Projects may be anything from regular telemedicine sessions or exchanges to sharing experience to receiving professionals from elsewhere or collaborating in patient treatment. 
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We are committed to open and participative dialogue between citizens and professionals. We bring the work of Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus to everyone, spreading news about our projects and with a passion for awakening scientific vocation. Spreading knowledge is part of our DNA.
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Training activities 

The vocation for sharing knowledge has made Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus into a complex with a full programme of activities and events, both for the general public and healthcare professionals. For this reason, we are constantly organising activities related to the world of healthcare. 
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We are developing projects that make us a leading international centre. Amongst other objectives, these must allow us to humanize the setting, be more sustainable, have access to new technologies that improve the patient experience, and be more collaborative inside and outside the hospital.
Strategic projects