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We are committed to open and participative dialogue between the public and professionals, we insist on the importance of knowledge, science and critical thinking.
Demostració científica al Festival Yomo.
We bring the work being done at Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus to everyone. The various institutions on the Campus work to improve health and everything related to it, at the same time as presenting education and communication activities related to science and health.

In terms of research, it is vital to explain to the scientific community and society in general what our researchers are doing . We have three clear objectives: to spread awareness of the research done on the Campus, to encourage a scientific culture and to promote scientific vocation in young people.
For this reason, we take part in educational scientific events and fairs which are attended by children, young people and adults and where our researchers explain their projects It is important that science be perceived for what it is - an important and key player in our society, and that barriers are broken down so that a scientific culture can reach everyone through talks, workshops or educational resources. As a centre of knowledge we understand and accept this responsibility.
Xerrada en una fira de divulgació científica
Una noia mira pel microscopi en una demostració científica.
Our professionals often take part as experts in various media outlets, explaining the reality of hospitals and scientific research and making it accessible to further an understanding of the complexity of certain situations. Professionals share knowledge.

Vall d'Hebron also opens its doors. We have literally opened our doors several times to make the reality of the Campus accessible to the public. The last occasion was as part of the Barcelona Open House event, a 48-hour event to open buildings to the public as an opportunity for them to see the centre from a different perspective and to find out more about what we do here. 

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