We participate in international health and cooperation

In a global and interconnected world, 
we work with professionals from around the world

Vall d’Hebron takes part in international cooperation projects through various NGOs. As part of these projects, people from countries such as Romania, Bolivia, Peru, Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Guinea-Bissau are looked after by our centre.
Una mostra de la nostra participació en programes de cooperació internacional.
Healthcare professionals at Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus travel with NGOs to several countries to provide medical support in various hospitals. Professionals are given permission to carry out this work. way of collaborating with these NGOs is through donating medicines and uniforms.

In internal medicine, the Infectious Diseases Department holds fortnightly remote medicine sessions with Angola in the specialisations of infectious diseases, paediatrics, internal medicine, nephrology, radiology and microbiology, and screening sessions for imported pathologies three times a week with Sub-Saharan countries. It also offers therapeutic support for infectious diseases and oncology once a week.

Bringing science
to the public

We believe that education is a fundamental tool in the dissemination of knowledge. For this reason we go wherever necessary to make sure it reaches the whole population.
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