We advance scientific knowledge

Disseminating knowledge which is 
essential for the medicine of the future

At Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus we create, transform and disseminate knowledge in all fields related to the health sciences. In the university hospitals, research institutes and specialised departments we want to train health professionals through different programmes; from the university level through to residency and specialised training, at the same time as having a commitment to continuous professional development for professionals. We have 550 residents of our own, 150 external residents per month, and 170 training placements for specialists at a national and international level.

Residency at Vall d’Hebron

Find out about all the specialisations in which you can be a resident at Vall d’Hebron. There are 46 to choose from. Take a look at the list of teaching units, the training programmes and all application processes.
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The Vall d’Hebron Teaching Unit of the UAB Faculty of Medicine provides training in the Medical Degree Course, the Degree in Biomedical Sciences and the Nursing Degree.
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Master’s, postgraduate and doctorate programmes

Vall d’Hebron offers several master’s and postgraduate programmes. These include the Biomedical Research Master’s, which is offered at the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute.
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Training placements

Discover the options we offer for training placements at the hospital to broaden knowledge and clinical competencies in individualized programmes.
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We expand

Ever conscious of the commitment to knowledge by professionals at Vall d’Hebron, in 2007 we implemented the Vall d’Hebron Classroom (Aula Vall d’Hebron). Its main aims are knowledge creation and allowing healthcare professionals to update their competencies, at the same time as giving the public access to subjects of interest for their health.
Enter the classroom Training activities

Professional training

We welcome students for internships during the Training Cycle of the healthcare professional stream at the Intermediate and Higher level. This time allows them to apply theoretical learning in a real healthcare setting.
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Continuous professional development

Professionals at the Campus have access to a wide range of specialized courses, seminars and conferences with speakers who are the best in their field.
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Patient training

Carers and healthcare professionals have spaces to share experiences and offer mutual support in caring for patients. These sessions are directed by a professional social worker from the centre.
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Vall d’Hebron Centre for Advanced Clinical Simulation

Is part of Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and serves this institution in a cross-disciplinary manner. It is one of the pillars of the Hospital’s Teaching Department.
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