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Your commitment 
to future generations

A charitable bequest is a way to support an organisation or NGO. It is included in a person's will and respects the rights of the heirs. By contributing to the work we do, you will be collaborating with research into new treatments and improvements to future healthcare and medicine. It is in your power to help improve the health of future generations.

How can you make a charitable bequest?

As a testator, you can leave up to a third of your estate to whoever you like, a relative, a non-relative, an NGO or other organisation. To do so, you will need to include your desire to leave a charitable bequest in your will, which can be open (written before a notary public); closed (when you give a secret document to the notary public) or holographic (written by the testator). 

 A contribution that is 100% effective  

If you decide to leave Vall d’Hebron a charitable bequest, the hospital may inherit both material property, such as real estate, jewels or works of art; and immaterial property, such as money and shares. Remember that charitable bequests are tax exempt.

The best way to collaborate

Deciding to leave a charitable bequest is a decision that will really make an impact and show your commitment to a better future. Aside from contributing to furthering medicine, it is a commitment to the people in society that most need it. To do this, we recommend you put your charitable bequest in an open will with a notary public, as this is the simplest, cheapest and most useful way.

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