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Microbiologia a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The group’s research focuses on the study of the microbial aspects involved in infectious diseases. It mainly investigates the mechanisms responsible for antimicrobial resistance and the epidemiology of resistant strains. 


The group also deals with the pathogenic mechanisms of microorganisms that cause infectious diseases, and works on the evaluation and design of new molecular diagnostic systems for this type of pathology. The  group belongs to the Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Disease and falls under the category of consolidated research group in Catalonia.

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Dr. Andrés
Antón Pagarolas
Dr. Juan José
González López
Dra. Anna
Fàbrega Santamaria
Dra. Núria
Crua Asensio
Dra. Laura
Gimferrer Arriaga
Dra. Cristina
Andrés Vergés