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Inherited Heart Disease

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The Inherited Heart Disease Unit is basically devoted to providing care. We have a team of two cardiologists, three interns and two nurses, one full-time and one part-time. This Unit addresses all myocardiopathies in general, and inherited cases in particular.


Myocardiopathies are diseases where the myocardium is weak, dilated or has some other structural problem. Often, the heart is unable to pump or work properly. In the case of inherited myocardiopathies, due to the fact they are often treated as part of uncommon diseases, specialist management is not within the scope of all clinical cardiologists. It requires specific treatment and involves specific technology.

We have an outpatient clinic connected to a day hospital and conventional hospitalisation, with support from the Imaging, Haemodynamics, Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias Units.

This Unit is also responsible for teaching and research. It is connected to the Genetics Unit with a unit for clinical research and a unit for basic research.

The main healthcare objectives of our Unit are:

  • Excellence in care for index patients and family members with hereditary and/or genetic myocardial diseases.
  • The creation of a protocol for medical action in these diseases.
  • Homogenisation of care.
  • The optimisation of care resources, reducing the overall cost of treatment.
  • The provision of technology required for patients.
  • The performance of genetic studies on patients (control index) and relatives.
  • Genetic counselling for families and individuals, which predict the likelihood of passing the illness on to children.
  • We provide consultations for other doctors, both at our hospital and other hospitals and primary care centres.
  • Creation of fast-stream pathways for referral or interconsultations for cases where the patient must be referred to another professional.
  • Reduction of barriers that often limit direct contact between patients and healthcare staff, as well as communication between staff and other institutions.
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Sra. Natalia
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Medical Coordinator
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