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Clinical Research/Innovation in Pneumonia and Sepsis (CRIPS)

Recerca clínica/innovació en la pneumònia i sèpsia (CRIPS)

Focused on the most prevalent aspects of ICU infections, the group develops translational and clinical research in intensive care. Thus, they study pathologies such as pneumonia associated with ventilation, severe community-acquired pneumonia, nosocomial pneumonia, and opportunistic respiratory infections in severely immunocompromised patients.


The group’s lines of research focus on severe bacterial, mycotic and viral infections in this context. It also deals with diagnosis, prevention and management issues, which are strategic in nature. To better control infections in the Intensive Care Unit, the groups also takes part in various projects relating to the development, execution and evaluation of care measures, with inter-departmental support from nursing and other research professionals.

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Dr. Joan
Balcells Ramírez
Head of Section
Paediatric Intensive Care
Lead Researcher
Clinical Research / Innovation in Pneumonia and Sepsis (CRIPS)
Dra. Yolanda