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Biomedical Research in Gynaecology

Recerca Biomèdica en Ginecologia a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The group’s ultimate goal is to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy, to be able to control mortality in these cancers. Endometrial and ovarian cancers are the biggest cancers in gynaecology, both for their prevalence and mortality rates. They represent a total of 558,000 cases and 228,000 deaths per year. 


One of the aggravators of endometrial or ovarian cancer is the high percentage of patients who are not diagnosed correctly and end up with an unfavourable evolution and recurrence.  That is why the group works to identify and characterise new molecules, which could play a relevant role in neoplastic cell transformation and/or the growth, progression and dissemination of this type of tumour, as well as resistance to current therapies. They also develop new clinically relevant tools, instruments to improve the clinical management of patients, in close collaboration with clinical, basic and translational researchers, to focus all projects on responding to clinical needs. As well as cancers, the group directs its research towards other gynaecological illnesses like endometriosis.

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Biomedical Research in Gynaecology