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Safety Commission

Comissió de Seguretat a Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus

Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is committed to developing a culture of safety that allows us to achieve excellence in healthcare quality, teaching and research. We give a voice to the patient in order to implement improvements based on incidents and complaints related to healthcare safety, through coordination with the Hospital’s Citizens Advice and Social Work Unit.

Descripció del projecte

As a leading hospital complex, we maintain a commitment to patients based on transparency, active risk management and a rapid response should an incident arise. 

In this context, the Safety Commission is working towards a Safety Model centred around patients and professionals, guaranteeing that it will:

  • Propose and prioritise strategies in the area of safety of patients and professionals
  • Promote improvement actions related to the safety of patients and professionals
  • Be responsible for monitoring indicators of the safety of patients and professionals and evaluating the results

The patient is just as important as the professional caring for them. For this reason, we join forces in risk management throughout the whole healthcare process to maximise benefits and minimise injury. With this intention, we supervise and adapt care teams to detect risks during handovers (shift changes, duty changes). We bring together care teams to share patient information and encourage notices as a method of risk and incident communication.

Besides this, in order to learn from our mistakes, we monitor the results of safety issues through a series of indicators (both for patients and professionals) and apply proposed improvements according to the results. Treating professionals fairly implies, among other things, providing training on an ongoing basis. We therefore have a training programme to provide an adequate response individually and collectively.

Finally, looking to the future, we are preparing ourselves for the implementation of telematic notification of complaints and incidents detected by patients. Their opinion is essential to improve the organisational structure and the scope of the measures in our security model.

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