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Humanisation Plan

Projecte d'humanització a Vall d'Hebron

The Humanisation Project of Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is based on the premise of being a smart healthcare park: a friendly place that reduces patients’ stress and facilitates their recovery.

Descripció del projecte

We set out to meet the needs of the patient immediately with energy efficient buildings and an environment that facilitates recovery. This is known as a “healing environment”.

Factors such as good air conditioning and insulation of facilities, green spaces, adequate signage or the use of natural light are key to the design of a hospital. That is why Vall d'Hebron University Hospital has launched initiatives such as the new Neurology Department, with spaces painted in pastel and relaxing colours, lights that are regulated according to patients’ visual needs and computer-controlled air conditioning.

The Intensive Care Medicine Department is committed to the humanisation of the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital, with the installation of smart TVs and provision of smart watches. It has been proven that these items make the patients feel more comfortable and facilitate their treatment.

Other examples of humanisation at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital are: the decoration of the Children’s Hospital and the Women’s Hospital; the use of organic food waste from the hospital kitchen for biomass; and the installation of thermal solar panels that will later be replaced by photovoltaic panels.

In the digital field, we also have the Vall d’Hebron Channel. The channel is free and accessible to everyone who has been admitted to the hospital. Inpatients are able to watch health promotion and prevention videos, conceived to help them adopt healthy habits.

Moreover, to reduce immobility levels, physical exercises are displayed on the screens which encourage patients to stay mobile. Finally, to prevent insomnia, inpatients can also view relaxation exercises on the screens.

We are constantly striving to improve coexistence on the Campus, putting the patient at the centre. We are working to reduce noise, reduce atmospheric emissions, reduce waste and reduce energy consumption.

In short, humanising hospital care means adapting to the needs of patients through buildings that welcome them and respond to their requests.

Institucions del campus involucrades

General Hospital


Children's Hospital and Woman's Hospital


Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital


Cross-departmental services


Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia

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