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Radiofarmàcia a Vall d'Hebron

The core of the Teaching Unit is provided by the Radiopharmacy Unit, with participation from the Nuclear Medicine and Pharmacy departments, the Laboratories and the Radiation Protection Unit.


Radiopharmaceuticals are used in Nuclear Medicine as contrast liquids which are injected into patients intravenously to enable non-invasive internal observation. In this way, molecular imaging of the body or the pathology that is being studied can be obtained. Radiopharmacy as a medical specialisation therefore deals with the study of physical, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical and biological aspects of radiopharmaceuticals. 


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Why specialise at Vall d’Hebron?

  • Because following the residency, you will be able to establish criteria and draw up procedures to appropriately select radiopharmaceuticals according to their efficacy, safety, quality and cost.
  • Because you will manage acquisition and establish guidelines for the storage and expiration periods of radiopharmaceuticals with the aim of covering the needs of the Radiopharmacy Unit.
  • Because you will acquire the knowledge required to draw up and establish the necessary procedures for correct extemporaneous preparation of radiopharmaceuticals and their quality control.
  • Because you will train in dosimetry, dispensing, distribution and use of radiopharmaceuticals according to the characteristics of the healthcare centre.
  • Because you will be able to apply standards of good radiopharmacy practice and will be familiar with current legislation on radiation protection.
  • Because you will drive, coordinate and take part in programmes that foster greater understanding of radiopharmacy.
  • Because you will undertake training and research activities in areas related to your professional activity.
  • Because you will participate in drug safety programmes.
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