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Molecular Medical Imaging

Imatge Mèdica Molecular a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The existence of a translational imaging unit is key for research oriented towards personalised patient treatment. The Molecular Medical Imaging research group unites hospital professionals in radiology and nuclear medicine. 


The group is made up of specialists in molecular imaging, chemical and pharmaceutical specialists in the synthesis of tracers, and biomedical and physical engineers specialised in imaging treatment and tomography equipment.

With this multidisciplinary team, and on the basis of medical imaging, the group works on three different lines of research. On the one hand, it focuses on identifying new markets and tracers, in direct relation to clinical trials. A second line is dedicated to the different aspects of medical imaging, from nuclear medicine and radiology, such as the capture, clinical and preclinical assessment and evaluation of medical images. A final line is dedicated to researching different pathologies based on the use of images acquired using different techniques, to later be studied and processed, with the help of image processing tools and specific statistical software. Due to the nature of its projects, the group works interdepartmentally in collaboration with other campus teams. 

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