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Paediatric Urology

Urologia Pediàtrica a Vall d'Hebron
The Paediatric Urology Unit is a part of the Paediatric Surgery Department, and mainly deals with kidney and urinary tract abnormalities in children and adolescents. We offer minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of kidney abnormalities and urinary tracts with a focus on the use of robotic techniques for the treatment of so-called "pyeloureteral stenosis", which is a congenital ureter malformation.


Our Unit is a pioneer in the treatment of sexual differentiation disorders at the paediatric age. We are also a renowned centre for paediatric renal transplants, and lead the way in Catalonia, especially in complex kidney transplants or transplants in combination with other organs.


Portfolio of services

  • Renal biopsies: open and puncture
  • Neurogenic bladder: intermittent probes, bladder enlargements (gut, ureter), botulinum toxin injections into the bladder
  • Bladder extrophy surgery
  • Partial clitoridectomies
  • Renal duplicities
  • Epispadias
  • Upper and lower heminephrectomy
  • Percutaneous nephrostomy
  • Pyeloplasty (Anderson-Hines technique). Open, laparoscopic and robotic techniques
  • Endoscopic puncture of ureterocele
  • Vesicoureteral reflux: Cohen technique. Endoscopic submeatal injection
  • Continent urinary reservoirs
  • Bilateral suprarenalectomy, laparoscopic and robotic techniques
  • Hipospadias correction techniques: Mathieu, Snodgrass, Onlai, Duckett, oral or bladder mucous in interscrotals. Meatotomy. Nesbitt technique
  • Techniques to resolve urinary incontinence
  • Treatment of the megaureter
  • Endoscopic treatment of the valves of the posterior urethra
  • Surgical treatment of sexual differentiation anomalies
  • Kidney transplant
  • Kidney transplant from a living donor
  • Cutaneous ureterostomies
  • Sigmoid vaginoplasty
  • Vesicotomies
  • Perineal and abdominoperineal vulvovaginoplasty
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