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Neurodegenerative Diseases

Malalties Neurodegeneratives a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The Neurodegenerative Diseases research group focuses on getting to know and understanding the mechanisms involved in neurone death in brain degeneration disorders. Mainly focusing on Parkinson's disease, the group was formed with the support of ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies) and the European Commission’s Marie Curie Research Grants Scheme. It is also part of the Red Española de Excelencia en Enfermedades Neurodegenerativas (CIBERNED - the Spanish Network of Excellence in Neurodegenerative Diseases). 


The research group focuses on shedding light on the molecular mechanisms behind the neurone cell death that occurs in neurodegenerative diseases, with the aim of finding a cure for this group of neurological, debilitating and incurable disorders. A large part of the group’s work is on Parkinson's disease, a specific neurodegenerative disorder that is mainly characterised by the degeneration of a specific type of neurone that has been identified as automatically limiting a small area of the brain known as substantia nigra pars compacta, which produces the neurotransmitter dopamine.

They are doing this using in vitro and in vivo experimental models of neurodegeneration related to Parkinson's disease (PD), including samples derived from PD-affected patients, in order to unravel the mechanisms of dysfunction and neural degeneration. The main objectives are to identify biomarkers for diagnosis, early detection, patient stratification, progression of the disease, prognosis or response to treatment; to identify new molecular targets for potential therapeutic interventions; to develop new therapeutic strategies with potential to modify the illness; and unravel molecular pathways in common with other neurodegenerative diseases.

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Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Neurodegenerative Diseases
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