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Clinical Nanomedicine and Advanced Therapies Research Centre. Pharmacological Steering and Release

CIBBIM-Nanomedicina. Direccionament  i alliberament farmacològic

The group works on solutions based on nanotechnology, especially in the fields of oncology and rare diseases. In this field, it is looking for new drug steering and release therapies, as well as new diagnostic symptoms.


The Pharmacological Steering and Release group focuses on research into new applications based on nanotechnology to develop innovative pharmacological release therapies, and diagnostic systems to provide solutions to medical needs in the field of oncology and rare diseases. Designing, developing and optimising the nanotechnology system for different uses. The ultimate aim is to transfer this biomedical knowledge to clinical practice in the quickest and most efficient way.

Specifically, it uses in vitro and in vivo models, made-to-measure and image-based (bioluminescent and fluorescent models) to identify new therapeutic targets and address the preclinical validation of therapeutic nanoconjugates and biosensors. With an individualised case study, the group combines basic and translational research, conflating the molecular and cellular basis of the disease with previous studies and allowing new therapies and diagnostic strategies to be designed. 

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