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Dr. Pablo
Velasco Puyó


I have been an medical physician in the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Service since 2012. My medical and research activity focuses primarily on sickle cell disease and pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Children's Hospital and Woman's Hospital

Paediatric Oncology and Haematology


During my professional career I have tried to develop a comprehensive care of these diseases, with the direct assistance of patients, as well as with clinical and translational research, including direct work in the laboratory, participation in 12 clinical trials as principal investigator or subinvestigator, and the publication of 17 scientific articles and 1 book chapter, related to these diseases.


- At the teaching level I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​I have participated in national and international conferences (59 as an author), in pediatric hematology courses and together with doctors and nurses of the department, we have created the first oncohematological emergency simulations in situ. We have also created, together with pediatric hematologists from different centers, the Working Group on Pediatric Hematology of the Catalan Society of Pediatrics, which I currently co-coordinate.

- In this difficult year of the COVID pandemic, concerned with understanding and adapting to the risk of our patients with SARS-CoV2, we have created the European COVID registry in the European reference network EurobloodNet, of which I am a principal investigator, and we have collaborated in the largest registry of pediatric oncology and COVID, the Global Registry of COVID-19 in Pediatric Cancer (StJude-SIOP). I am part of the national and international scientific groups SEHOP, SIOPE, Eurobloodnet, Spanish Cytology Club, SEHH, EHA

- But for global care it is necessary to develop initiatives focused on patients and their families from other perspectives, so we invented with Eunice Blanco, head of Social Work the Superbox device (new medical device to facilitate patient-friendly intravenous administration, more information at www.superbox.es) and I have participated in the formation of the Spanish association of patients with sickle cell disease ASAFE, of which I am part of the board of the association (https://www.asafefalciforme.org/). Giving patients a voice is a very valuable tool for healthcare professionals, a compass to indicate the right path for our actions.

- As a curiosity, I am also a veterinarian, it was during my training at L’Ecole Veterinaire de MAison Alfort in Paris, before year 2000, where I learned how much translational research between species can contribute to the understanding of oncology and the research of new treatments.

- I have also worked as an expatriate pediatrician in several countries in Africa, Guatemala and India, and I have been trained in the international Red Cross emergency team, with the conviction that health care should be global and equitable for all children.

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