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Uveitis and Eye Inflammation


Uveitis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, the uvea, and can affect only the ocular and periocular region or it may be associated with systemic diseases. The aetiology of this clinical picture is very varied and includes trauma, infection, previous eye surgery, systemic inflammatory disease and others.


In this Section, we have access to all the testing required to diagnose and manage these conditions, from exclusively ocular tests, such as wide-field retinography, autofluorescence, optical coherence tomography, campimetry, etc., to extraocular testing in close relation with other specialties across the hospital.

Due to the huge amount of damage that ocular and extraocular tissues can undergo, these conditions are usually treated using powerful anti-inflammatory medicines, such as glucocorticoids. In many cases, inflammation is chronic and therefore requires medicines that allow us to bring it under control effectively and safely in the long term, such as immunosuppressant and biological therapies. These patients must therefore be treated using a multi-disciplinary approach, in collaboration with internal medicine specialists. Our Department benefits from professionals with a huge amount of experience and many years working in this field, who visit patients in appointments within the Department, together with the ophthalmologist.

Sometimes these conditions require surgery, which is performed in the Uveitis Department, whether for aetiological diagnosis (diagnostic vitrectomy, eye tissue biopsy...), or for treatment (cataract surgery, therapeutic vitrectomy...).

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