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Clinical Neurophysiology

Neurofisiologia clínica a Vall d'Hebron

The Clinical Neurophysiology Department deals with the medical specialty covering the set of techniques for the study and evaluation of the physiological and pathological functions of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system. It is based on the direct or indirect recording of bioelectrical and neurobiological phenomena.


Our Department has a long tradition of applying diagnostic techniques in the various fields of neurophysiology, and we provide services to patients from a large number of medical and surgical specialties, such as neurology, neurosurgery, traumatology, rehabilitation, pneumology, paediatrics, internal medicine, ENT, intensive care medicine, ophthalmology, urology and family medicine, etc.

The incorporation of new diagnostic techniques, ever greater complexity and advances in the area of knowledge have all furthered the Department’s specialisation in a range of areas of knowledge:

  • Electroencephalography, to measure the electrical activity of the brain
  • Electromyography, to verify the health of the muscles and nerves that control them
  • Evoked potentials, a diagnostic technique that is used to explore the nerve pathways that bring information from the sensory organs to the brain
  • Sleep Unit 

The main objectives of this Department are:

  • Support in diagnosing diseases of the nervous system, in which we offer the patient and the requesting doctor maximum guarantees and expertise in carrying out diagnostic techniques.
  • We ensure there will be no functional damage to the nervous system pathways in risky procedures, such as surgery (neurosurgery, spinal column and peripheral nerve).
  • We help further knowledge of the physiopathology of nervous system diseases in order to be able to transfer this knowledge to the clinical field.
  • We also participate in passing on knowledge by training professionals.
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Sra. Isabel María
Garlito Pérez
Nursing Supervisor
Clinical Neurophysiology
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