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Translational Molecular Pathology

Patologia Molecular Translacional a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

Within the oncology research area, the Molecular Pathology group’s main aim is to study the molecular pathological anatomy of tumours in order to be able to identify new targets for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.


The Molecular Pathology group is mainly made up of medical anatomopathologists from the hospital’s Pathological Anatomy Department. Its research surrounds cell stress models, which allow the mechanisms by which tumour cells are more resistant to factors such as hypoxia, lack of nutrients or genome damage to be identified.

The group works both from a basic research perspective and from a clinical perspective. On the one hand, studying tumour biology mechanisms and malignant progression, and on the other characterising possible tumour markers. Furthermore, in coordination with other research groups, it is working on different group studies related to the histopathology of respective research projects.

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