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Molecular Oncology

Grup d'oncologia molecular a Vall d'Hebron

The Molecular Oncology group, as well as acting as a reference centre for Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology’s research programmes, and acting as a central and local laboratory in clinical trials, is also working on its own lines of research. Among its objectives are the discovery and validation of new biomarkers through tissue-based technologies, application of molecular pathology strategies to support initial stage drug development programmes, and definition of the epidemiology of molecular targets to improve personalised treatment strategies.


Among the group’s current objectives is the development and validation of tissue diagnostic tests to adjust the target patient population of antibody drug conjugates. Applying quantitative mass spectrometry to precision oncology, and improving stratification of patients for FGFR pathway inhibition through the development of combined preselection approaches. In addition, expanding the catalogues of molecular tests accredited by ISO15189.

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