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High Risk and Prevention in Cancer

Grup d'alt risc i prevenció del càncer a Vall d'Hebron

The High Risk and Prevention of Cancer group is focused on the development of new specific treatments for hereditary cancer, at the same time, they deal with the analysis of the long-term psychosocial impact of genetic studies in hereditary syndromes.


Among its objectives are to promote the clinical development of specific therapeutic strategies for tumours associated with hereditary genetic alterations, and to identify the mechanisms of resistance to treatments for breast cancer associated with the BRCA gene. They evaluate new treatment combinations for xenografts derived from tumours in patients associated with the BRCA gene that have progressed to PARP inhibitors.

Through the application of new generation sequencing (NGS), they seek to identify new genes involved in hereditary cancer. With a more global vision, they help to evaluate the physiological impact of multiple genetic analysis of hereditary cancer in the Spanish population.

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