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Biomedical Research on Melanoma

Recerca Biomèdica en Melanoma a Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

The Melanoma programme’s aims are to identify and analyse the key regulators from the beginning and during the progression of melanoma to improve early detection and targeted therapy. At the same time, the programme is identifying biomarkers to improve personalised therapy.


One of the group’s main aims is translating research into clinical practice. Through basic and preclinical research, it uses animal models; and through clinical investigation, it conducts trials that bring patients the best prevention, detection and treatment methods. 

The lines of research use spontaneous melanoma in animal models and patients’ cells, obtained directly from fresh tissue. This practice allows cancer to be modelled, summarising human pathology with great precision. The laboratory has been generating cells deriving from patients and establishing protocols for working with PDX (patient derived xenografts), creating a collection of live samples. The intention is to expand this collection and construct a group that represents the biological diversity of melanoma in a global way, allowing us to conduct personalised studies to test the efficacy of new drugs and treatment responses.

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