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Oncology Data Science

Grup d'oncology data science a Vall d'Hebron

The Oncology Data Science (ODysSey) group incorporates clinical and translational research with genomics for targeted cancer therapy. It analyses the molecular/clinical databases of targeted agents and standardised reports of next-generation sequencing tests. It is conducting collaborative research in cancer genomics, computational oncology and the clinical applications.


The group’s current projects centre around the ease of molecular-clinical correlative studies in the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology. It provides orientation for oncology doctors and cancer biologists during the development, validation and interpretation of "omics" tests with direct clinical application. It is also developing and maintaining molecular/clinical databases, a resource for the institute’s medical oncologists, molecular pathologists and translational researchers. One example is the maintenance of the Gene Drug Knowledge Database (GDKD) (doi: 10.7303 / syn2370773), a structured database that uses standardised terminology to describe the associations of different annotations: types of tumours, genes, variants, response/resistance patterns to approved and experimental agents under clinical research and their respective PubMed identifiers.

It is working to promote research activities in collaboration with computational oncology scientists, focusing on predictive modelling and prognosis, the identification of “cancer drivers” and their potential to turn into solid tumours.

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