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Early Clinical Development of Drugs

Grup de desenvolupament clínic precoç de fàrmacs a Vall d'Hebron

The projects conducted by the Early Clinical Development of Drugs group focus on developing targeted treatments, promoting the development of new drugs and conducting trials for new drugs. Connecting preclinical and clinical research, in collaboration with different partners.


The Early Clinical Development of Drugs group promotes the early development of medicines and translational research through assessment and treatment of patients in phase I trials. They work on preliminary trials for targeted treatments aimed at cell signalling and cancer stem cells. They are also developing the first clinical trials in humans with targeted treatments, rational combinations of selective treatments, biomarker trials and trials in molecularly selected patient populations.

One of the group’s focuses is on connecting clinical research with the different areas studied by Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology research groups, following a translational model, which connects molecular biology and the best tumour models with pharmacology and the most innovative clinical research. 

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