We welcome new residents


Understanding what each centre offers is key to choosing the specialisation that is right for you. We make all the information available and are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Before choosing your place at Vall d'Hebron

It is very important you have all the available information to choose the specialisation that is right for you. As a future resident, the ideal situation is for the values and complexity of the hospital to fit with your expectations and aptitudes.

We are confident in our expertise and the quality of our training, and so we invite you to visit us before making your decision. Every year we hold an open day where we explain what Vall d'Hebron Hospital Campus can offer you, our healthcare profile, the activities we carry out, how we plan and supervise training, how we try to give residents access to research, and what kind of contractual relationships we establish. In addition, you will have the chance to speak directly to tutors and residents to answer any questions and we will explain what the day-to-day activity of each specialism is like.
Nous residents a Vall d'hebron

If you have chosen one of our places

You can visit the department chosen before you start at the Hospital. You also have the chance to meet your future tutor and your fellow residents who are on the Hospital staff before taking up the position. Beforehand, however, you need to complete the administrative procedures. You can find information about them on this page once places have been assigned. 
Administrative procedures (in Spanish)

About specialists’ training

The only way to become a qualified specialist in health sciences in Spain is through the specialised healthcare training programme. This training is carried out by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in accredited healthcare centres in a general way and for each of the specialisations offered.

Access to the programme is via an annual national selection exam. The final individual score of each participant is calculated based on the result of the multiple choice exam for each subject of the degree qualifications (90%) and assessment of the academic record (10%). Allocation of places, where the specialism and training centre is chosen, is assigned in descending order according to the score of each participant. Take a look at the latest information on the Ministry of Health webste.

Choose the area
you wish to specialise in

Find out about the 46 teaching units at Vall d'Hebron; the professionals and their particular areas, the related departments, the specialisation programme, etc. Above all, what they can offer you and why you should choose to do your residency with us.
Take a look at the list of teaching units