Study at Vall d'Hebron


The Vall d'Hebron Teaching Unit at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine teaches the following subjects: Degree in Medicine, Degree in Biomedical Sciences, Degree in Nursing.

Degree in Medicine

The curriculum of the Degree in Medicine at UAB is based on competencies and medical training focusing on the needs of society today. The Faculty’s integration with the world of competitive research in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology enables students to come into contact with the latest scientific advances, an important factor to complement their academic training.

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Degree in Biomedical Sciences

The degree in Biomedical Sciences, a collaboration between the faculty of Biosciences and the faculty of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, combines teaching on biology and medicine, and centres on the analysis of the biological basis of human diseases.  


Degree in Nursing

The nursing degree trains general nurses in the scientific and human preparation necessary to identify and assess needs, prioritise problems, take care of patients, families, groups and the community, and to assess their condition.

Undergraduate Nursing Qualifications
  • Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition
  • Degree in Occupational Therapy

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