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Tumour Therapy Modelling in Rats

Modelització de teràpies antitumorals en ratolins a Vall d'Hebron

The group is currently working to evaluate the inhibition of mast cells for the treatment of melanoma and breast cancer, and in determining the therapeutic impact of anti-inflammatory drugs on melanoma and breast cancer.


Focused on designing and validating the therapeutic impact of Myc-tag peptides in vitro and in vivo; comparing and contrasting possible Myc inhibitors in murine cancer models (lung cancer, glioma, metastatic breast cancer, melanoma and multiple myeloma). And studying the effects of Myc inhibition in immune response and tumour environment.

From a strategic point of view, the group is working on designing and characterising new cell-penetrating peptides for oncology treatment. As well as preclinical validation of a new generation of peptides based on Omomyc as a therapeutic strategy in melanoma, multiple myeloma and lung, brain and breast cancer. Determining the therapeutic effect of inhibiting Myc in breast cancer metastasis, and defining the function of inflammatory Myc effectors in tumour formation and maintenance.

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