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Grup d'oncogenètica a Vall d'Hebron

The Oncogenetics group is studying the application of massive sequencing on diagnosis of hereditary cancer. It is working on identifying new alleles for the genetic predisposition to ovarian and breast cancer, and on the functional analysis and expression of genetic variations with unknown clinical significance in predisposition to familial cancer. It is studying other factors associated with ovarian and breast cancer risk, as well as designing tests for toxicity in radiotherapy.


The group is currently focusing on identifying new ovarian and breast cancer susceptibility genes through massive sequencing (sets of exomes and genes) and genome-wide association studies. The functional characterisation and expression of variants of unknown clinical importance in genes that predispose to cancer. As well as identifying BRCA mRNA isoforms as a possible new mechanism of resistance against PARP inhibitors, and the study of microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs in the susceptibility to clinical toxicity induced by radiotherapy.

It is taking part in the European REQUITE project with prospective cohorts of cancer patients treated with radiotherapy for the biomarker trials on the side effects of radiotherapy.

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